Travel Within Update

I did it! I have completed 3 weeks of no social media, no texting, a clean diet, and no television. It has been a short journey with many ups and downs but so rewarding. Turning the television off forced me to have to think about my life, its direction and most of all start coping with the loss of my father without distractions. I read more in that 3 weeks than I had during the previous year. I worked out harder, lost 7 pounds, I spent more time outdoors, and I connected more with my partner.

 Enjoy some of the pictures and thoughts from my first two weeks detoxing from life in the 21st century


Day 1: April 23, 2016

Today I am reminded how beautiful life can be when you are close to nature. First 2016 dip in the ocean. My soul was in need of some vitamin SEA. Beach and Boat day

Day 1 April 23

 Day 2: April 24, 2016

I worked in the morning and after volunteered at Big Cat Rescue. The biggest lesson I can take away from today is something I learned during a Jen Pastiloff, empowerment yoga workshop; and that is to not focus on the few people that are mean or dislike you or the bad things going on in life but instead focus on the many more that appreciate you and all the positive things going on in your life. And on that note nothing reminds me of how much love I have in my life like my beautiful Bellas smiling face.


Day 2 April 24


Day 3: April 25, 2016

Work in the morning was completely overshadowed by an amazing afternoon spent by the sea. I can’t describe it better than this,

“…Under the sea
Darling it’s better
Down where it’s wetter
Take it from me
Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we devotin’
Full time to floatin’
Under the sea…”

-Under the Sea, Little Mermaid


Day 3 April 25 option 3

Day 4: April 26, 2016

You know those days where you feel so tired and the day just drags on forever? Well, today at work was one of those days for me. Yes, believe it or not I don’t spend all my days at the beach…yet 😉

After the long uneventful 9-5 day I stepped outside and was greeted by a gorgeous day. Nature always makes things alright.

Day 4 April 26


Day 5: April 27, 2016

If you know me a little you know my father passed away unexpectedly less than a year ago. If you know me a bit better you know my father was my best friend the center of my world, the one who understood me and supported me no matter what. There exists no bond stronger than the one I shared with my father. His passing has turned my life upside down. Because of him I am doing this mind and body detox. In his honor I want to be happy and healthy. That is all he ever asked of me was to be happy.

The last place I ever saw my father was in his car, in my driveway. We joked around and we laughed. I wish I could go back to that moment.

When I look at his car I feel like I can still see him. Sometimes I sit inside and turn on Bob Dylan, Forever Young, the song he dedicated to me. The day is winding down and that feeling never leaves me, I miss him.

Day 5 April 27

Day 6: April 28, 2016

Shimming the evening away with a wonderful friend. I am enjoying this change of taking time to do the things I love that get put on the back burner thanks to the ease of just watching television.


Day 7: April 29, 2016

A perfect Friday

 Walking along the beach picking up garbage and leaving nothing but our footprints.



Day 8: April 30, 2016

Wanderlust(n): A strong desire to travel

“a woman consumed by wanderlust”


Day 17: May 7, 2016

A day on our little whaler

Resulted in a great adventure, the boat getting stuck because of a little something called low tide 😉

and found out I will be heading to Thailand very soon. stay tuned


 Thank you for sharing in this journey with me. I will see you in Thailand

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