After the greatest loss

It has been many years since my last blog post. A lot has happened in my life, but I suppose the main thing is I lost my father. He was my best friend, the person that understood me completely, probably because we were so similar.  He was always my biggest fan in everything I did, and this blog was no exception. He read every post countless times, even the absolutely horrid ones that put me to sleep. It would be impossible to be more supportive and encouraging.

dad 3

He left us unexpectedly, and with him the most carefree chapter of my life. The chapter where I never had to worry, where I had total and complete unconditional love, where I believed I could do anything, where I could live innocently in the clouds.

It has been a roller coaster but slowly I have tried to think less about my best friend, and continue on with life. Mostly everything goes back to normal with time. However, one of my biggest loves was put on hold, solo traveling. People have always felt I was so brave for traveling around the world alone but I was never truly alone, I always had my dad a call or text away, no matter the time. A perfect example of this was during my first trip to Myanmar. I did absolutely no research, as is customary for me during my travels. I exchanged a minimal amount of currency while in Thailand and decided I would take money out of the ATM upon arrival. Well, once I arrived to the small magical town of Bagan, I quickly realized a few things

  1. There was limited WIFI in the entire town
  2. US banks did not allow cards to be used in Myanmar due to sanctions along with countries like Iran

Well, I was penniless, alone, and on the other side of the globe. I finally found some WIFI, called my dad around am his time. My dad answered right away and sprang into action, finding an open Western Union, booking me a gorgeous hotel and checking up on me periodically, and always sending encouraging messages. This story isn’t unique, my dad was always going out of his way for me.

dad 2

So why am I posting now? A week ago I booked a quick trip to Guatemala, my very first solo trip after my fathers passing. I didn’t think  much of it but as the time to board gets closer I am completely overcome with nerves and emotions, so I thought I would share it here the way he always wanted me to.

I have to keep remembering what he always told me, ‘Follow your bliss my acorn” and of course, the beautifully wise words of Rafiki from The Lion King, “He lives in you.”

Thanks everyone for your continued support and cheers to new chapters in life and being grateful for everything we have now and have had in the past.

dad 7

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  1. Dani, your dad is always watching over you…making sure his baby girl is safe &doing well. Never forget that! And just wait till you get married, it’s bittersweet. In my case,we got married somewhere else (not in PR or Tampa) and we made sure to add an empty chair for both ceremony & reception with a plaque that read ” Reserved for Father of the Bride”. I forfeited the Father/Daughter dance too-personally it didn’t feel right to dance it with someone else. But I know he was there, watching over us & giving us his blessing 😁 Safe travels!


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