Travel Within

I am addicted to traveling. Before one journey ends I am already thinking of the next. Isn’t that part of addiction? Constantly thinking about that next high, the next time you will experience that feeling and trying to figure out how to make it happen as quickly as possible. One of the most common questions I get from people is, what are you running away from? So let me try an explain;

Traveling opened my eyes to the big beautiful world we live in. It has given me the opportunity to put the phone down, turn the T.V. off, and breathe. The world stops moving as fast and I am reminded, it isn’t all about me, and it isn’t all about work, money or the latest fashion. It certainly isn’t about the scale I weigh myself on every morning, or the people I compare myself to. When I am abroad something magical occurs, my insecurities and anxieties just melt away. So perhaps, I am running away. I am running away from the traps that society has created that I seem to so easily get sucked into.


I turn 27 years old on May 23, 2017. So Instead of leaving the country on a several month trip as I love to do, I have decided to take a journey within myself. From April 23rd to May 22nd I will be detoxing my body and mind. What does that mean?

  • No social media, as tempting as I am sure it will be.
  • No phone for anything but phone calls and checking my e-mail once a day and taking a picture a day(for purposes of later visually sharing the experience with you)
  • I will not purchase anything I do not need.
  • I will not eat out, so all meals must be home cooked
  • I will consume a diet of only fruits, vegetables, fish, and grains
  • I will drink only water and tea
  • I will not weigh myself
  • Meditation and yoga practice every day
  • Continue my regular 6 day a week exercise routine
  • I will not raise my voice in anger
  • No Television or Internet(except job searching)

After the month I will share my experience along with a single picture from each day on my journey.


I want to start my new year, feeling emotionally lighter, and letting go of the baggage I have been carrying around for much of my adult life.  This journey will be my detox on the road to recovery. Recovery from the feeling of not being fulfilled when I am not travelling.  Perhaps maybe that will inspire a new way of life for me, a less dependent way of life, and maybe it will even inspire you.



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