Ten things to do in Mexico City

I have had the pleasure of visiting Mexico City twice, thanks to a lovely friend I made while backpacking Costa Rica years ago(Hola Erik). I am crazy about this city. To say I love a city is a big thing for me, because I could happily live without ever stepping foot in a massive city again, except D.F. and my romantic, delicious Paris, of course.

The difference from Mexico City and many others is its history, its charm, and it’s welcoming people. You also never run out of things to do. But if you are like me and don’t have a month to spend to explore the city this list of top 10 things to do is perfect for you!

  1. EAT! Try different foods in different parts of the city, don’t be shy, taste it all. Mexico City has delicious street food, all the way to high end five star restaurants. Eat your way through the trip. Worried about eating too much? Don’t! You will do tons of walking, and eeh who cares, embrace that vacation layer(or layers). What I am saying is, try that extra flavor of taco, eat another posole, enjoy that dessert or two or three(or four, i’m not judging).
  2. Take a day to visit the home of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, Casa Azul. Be sure to arrive early as the wait can be lengthy, we went mid day and waited 40 minutes to get in. This museum is absolutely beautiful and definitely worth the visit. I recommend getting an audio guide while there to make your trip well worth it. The iconic couples home is what you might expect, colorful, full of light and nature, and yes, Azul(blue, in Spanish, keep up guys). frida 2Frida 1
  3. The Anthropology Museum has to be the best museum I have ever visited. It has an incredible collection, you can truly spend days exploring this museum and it is an amazing primer before visiting the Pyramids of Teotihuacán. If you enjoy museums, this is a must. If you don’t enjoy museums, I still think it’s a must. P.S. there was a taco stand behind the museum, a bit tucked away, where I made a terrible taco mistake. I ordered a spaghetti, rice, and boiled egg taco. I love starches, so at the time it seemed like a good idea, it wasn’t! Just go traditional. museum-2.jpgmuseum 1
  4. Walk the entire Paseo de Reforma, which is the main street going down the center of the city. During your walk(or electric scooter ride) you will pass the Angel of Independence, trees, street art, hotels, restaurants, shops, and end at the Castillo de Chapultepec where the emperor Maximilian and Empress Carlota from Austria lived. This is the only castle in Latin America and is surrounded by Forrest where the squirrels are so friendly they come right up to you to grab a snack. This castle also offers beautiful views of the city and a peek into their reign in the 1860’s.reforma 1reforma 2reforma 3
  5. Make sure you are in the city on a Sunday or Wednesday night because the Palace of Fine Arts hosts the Ballet Folklorico which is a show you just can’t miss. TIP: the best seats are in the Luneta Central area seats 1-14 row K, thank me later with a burrito preferably. palacio
  6. Looking for something else to do at night? Visit Plaza Garibaldi and pay a few hundred pesos to be serenaded but Mariachi bands. Don’t know what song to request? Here are some classics that are my favorite- Cielito Lindo, Si nos Dejan, El Rey, Cuccurrucucu Paloma, and of course, Son de la Negra. Happy listening!
  7. Search the city for the prolific Diego Rivera’s murals. I won’t make you search too hard. Here are some of the best places to see his work; La Sep(three floors of murals and entrance is free you just have to leave your ID at the entrance), the Palacio Nacional, Mural Museum of Diego Rivera. If you are still hungry for his Murals message me and I will send you more locations but these are a wonderful strong startdiego rivera
  8. Need a break from the city? I have the perfect medicine for you. The Pyramids of Teotihuacán, arejust over an hour from the city center. Go back in time, really far back in time, we are talking hundreds of years B.C. to experience the energy of these pyramids. The pyramids wwere used as holy spaces by different cultures such as the Mixtec and Zapotec people long ago. TIP: bring sunscreen, and a hat or else you will turn into a lobster!pyramids 1pyramids 2pyramids 3
  9. So you still want more time in nature? Take a trip to El Nevado de Toluca, with heights reaching 4,750 meters. This place is breathtaking with its snowy peaks in winter, and rocky intermediate level hikes to its lagoons. TIP:bring warm clothes, and comfortable shoes. Another tip for this trip is go with private transport. I went on a blog that gave advice on how to get to El Nevado by bus, it is doable, but my mother wanted to ring my neck by the end of the journey as it took over four hours. The first time I went, with friends, we drove and it was around two hours.toluca 4toluca 3toluca-2.jpg
  10. No doubt you will have a busy time during your visit so how about winding it down by taking part in a Temazcal ceremony. Release all your burdens in this pre Hispanic indigenous sweat lodge.temazcal.jpg

There are many other things to do, but during my two visits these are the things I keep coming back to. Please comment any questions, or share your favorite D.F. spots. Thanks for reading and happy travels!

Oh yeah, and as always, Follow Your Bliss 🙂

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