Why I Travel


When I travel it is not about how many places I can visit or how I can become rich while traveling nonstop or even about running away from the “real world.” When I travel it is truly about finding happiness, peace and a deeper meaning to my life and to life itself.

I long to enjoy every experience that crosses my path, to live a life that is worth living in my eyes. I don’t mean to pretend that everything I do during my travels will be to become more spiritual.  Some things are more superficial and for pure pleasure, shallow pleasures. However some of the superficial pleasures turn out to open my eyes to new ways of feeling, new thoughts, new horizons, and new worlds.

I feel that my mission in life now is to unlock different layers of my soul. I have been stuck for far too long in a western form of living; comparing myself to others, or feeling that I am not enough.  Life is miserable this way, I will never find the happiness I so crave while in this state. I have to let go of jealousy, and trying to control.  I have to just ride the wave that is life, but not the life that is laid out for us when we are born but the life we lay out for ourselves.

This is why I travel, it isn’t simple, it might not make sense, but I want to be complete and in order to be complete and help others be complete I must have a deeper understanding of myself and the world. And that can’t be done seeing the world from one place.

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