My Bucket List

In life I want to be happy. I want to find peace. Most of all, as the late mythologist and teacher Joseph Campbell said, I want to follow my bliss….

Visit the Salt Desert in Bolivia

See elephants, giraffes, and lions in the wild (I did and I was so overwhelmed I cried)

See Gorillas in the wild

Visit all 50 States in the US

Learn to play Ukulule

See the historic archeological city of Petra in Jordan

Skinny dip in public(oh if I could be a nudist, life would be swell)

Visit Patagonia all the way to Tierra del Fuego

Go to the Vallenato festival in Colombia (Every April in the city of Valledupar)

Participate in the Holi Festival in India

Swim with Dolphins

Hike the Inca Trail (Peru)

Paragliding(New Zealand)

Songkran festival in Thailand(Worlds biggest water fight)

Visit Morocco

Visit the ancient city of Bagan, Myanmar

Take a belly dance class in Turkey

Grand Canyon

Kiss the Blarney Stone Ireland

See the Northern Lights

See the Trevi fountain Rome

Take a photography course

Taj  Mahal

Get free of student loan debt

Kiss under the Eifel Tower (even got engaged there))

Visit Angkor Wat ruins in Cambodia(largest religious monument in the world)

Buy a condo on the beach

Visit the Sistine chapel (Vatican City)

Eat sushi at Hiro’s restaurant in Japan (or in one of his sons restaurants)

Eat Tapas in Spain

Hike the John Muir Trail in California

Seeing the Mayan Ruins(Tikal Guatemala)

Hike to Base Camp Mount Everest

Visit Floating Market(Thailand)

WWOOFing anywhere in the world

Summit Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)

Parasailing(Daytona Beach, Florida)

Sailing the San Blas Islands from Panama to Colombia

Visiting Moai on Easter Island

Performing Belly Dance for an audience full of strangers

Road Trip through Australia

Learn Samba and dance in Brazil’s Carnival

Go to Colombia’s Carnival in Barranquilla

Road trip through Ireland(Spectacular country)

Cycle or hike across Florida

Visit Antarctica

Salmon fishing in Alaska

Go to Super bowl(XXXVII)

Go on a helicopter ride(Orlando, Florida over Disney)

Become a master naturalist in Florida

Get my PhD

See Victoria Falls(Zambia and Zimbabwe)

Have a pet milk cow

Learning to do a split

White water rafting(New Zealand)

Work doing something I am passionate about (working with animals, preservation, conservation, travel)

Ride a camel in the desert(Negev Desert Israel)

Visit Mannequin and Jeanneeke pis (Brussels)

Get my Master’s degree in something I love

See Jerusalem

Ride a moped in Italy(Florence)

Watch the Book of Mormon live ( HILARIOUS)

Watching the Ball drop in Time Square New Year’s Eve

Safari through the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater

Visit Egypt’s pyramids

Whale Watching

Party under the Atonium in Belgium

Drink Delirium in the Delirium Bar in Brussels

Eat Moules and Frittes in Bruges, Belgium

The trans-Siberian railway from one end to the other

Learn French

Hike the Camino de Santiago

Follow Your Bliss

Follow Your Bliss

What are some of the things on your bucket list? Comment below.


  1. Daniela hi. My name is Declan. I saw that the subheading of your site is ‘My Life of Wanderlust’ Besides the Celtic Cross (which by the way is not exactly mine, mine is in old Irish while Eire is more American way to write it). on my other inner right arm is ‘Wanderlust’ Wanderlust has always een a driving force and I guess it is for you too. Good luck. Keep up with the posts. You are an inspiration. What’s next? When I was about your age I hitchhiked across Canada from Peggy’s Cove Nova Scotia to Ft St James British Columbia where I lived for abou5 5 months with the Carriers, an Indigenous Tribe.. Well sorry, this is your story and so far a great one. Joseph Campbell, Follow your Bliss, Great quote. You can see a really good interview with Bill Moyers where he says that on YouTube.
    Thank you


    • Hi Declan, thanks for your comment and your support 🙂 I actually plan on getting a tattoo that says Wanderlust on my wrist during my next adventure in Thailand. We will be tattoo twins. I will have to check the interview on youtube one of these days.


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