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My Bucket List

In life I want to be happy. I want to find peace. Most of all, as the late mythologist and teacher Joseph Campbell said, I want to follow my bliss…. Visit the Salt Desert in Bolivia See elephants, giraffes, and lions in the wild (I did and I was so overwhelmed I cried) See Gorillas in the wild Visit all […]

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Kilimanjaro Tips

I want to share a few tips, important things I learned during my 6 day hike to the Summit. The tips are in no particular order, I hope they help. Here goes; * TIPPING: tipping was a common topic of conversation between individuals and groups, especially how much to tip each person? It really depends on your budget and your experience […]

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Summiting Kilimanjaro

Climbing Kili I decided I was going to give climbing Mount Kilimanjaro a try.  Never mind that I live at sea level or that I have never climbed a mountain. How hard could summiting the world’s 4th highest mountain be? I would soon find out. My travel partner and I arrived in Moshi, Tanzania and walked around town hoping a […]

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