The B Word

Krabi Thailand

Krabi Thailand

As I sit along a calm Thai beach left in the company of my thoughts I have decided to erase the word BORED or BORING from my vocabulary. I find no use for it, and I really don’t believe there is such a thing as being bored. Life is so wonderful, the natural world around is so amazing and exciting that how can a person possibly be bored?! It is a choice to be bored or to think something is boring. I used to use the B word a lot! If I was home sitting around, nothing on the television, no friends available for plans, I used to pout and complain about how bored I was. But No longer will I do that, there is an endless amount of things to do. Next time the b word comes to mind and a bummed feeling accompanies it I will pick up a good book, I will watch an old movie I have never seen before, I will ride my bike or walk or blast the music and dance around, I will find a place to volunteer, I will write, I will meditate, or draw. But most importantly I will find enjoyment in just sitting still and quiet and enjoying those opportunities that we call boring because they are amazing breaks from the modern hectic world we find ourselves living in.



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