My Travel Playlist

I am beginning to prepare for my next big trip (India, Thailand and other points unknown yet).

Part of that preparation is to check visa information, weather conditions, shots and/or medications I may need for all the possible locations.

Then I make a list of what items I am going to take (packing tips coming soon), and most importantly for my soul, I start to create my travel playlist.

I love to travel, that may be pretty apparent, but when I am on the road for long periods of time I get home sick. I start to miss my family, friends, boyfriend, my son and daughter (Bella my dog, Noodle my cat), and my big comfy bed and private bathroom.

My Boyfriend, Son and daughter :)

My Boyfriend, Son and daughter 🙂

The only thing that can center me and comfort my mind during these home sick episodes is to get lost in some good music, some music that I love and recognize, and helps me to feel secure.

I guess you could say music is my travel security blanket.

During my most recent trip to Africa I made the mistake of not taking any music and ooooh how I regretted that decision, and my travel partner probably did too. His playlist was full of great music but mostly things I had not heard of so basically he was stuck listening to me play Maria Maria by Santana and Hotel California a million times off of his playlist.

So…Always bring some good music with you. It will provide you comfort when you need it.

Vallenatos in Cartagena

Vallenatos in Cartagena

Here are the bones of my playlist….fun new songs artists come and go but these are here to stay;

-Beats Antique-

-Shakira– Anything from her CDs Donde Estan Los Ladrones and Pies Descalzos-

-Carlos Vives– La Gota Fria, Fruta Fresca, El Amor de mi Tierra, Dejame Entrar-


-J Balvin-

-Jorge Drexler– He is wonderful and you can’t add too many of his songs-

-Kevin Johanson + The Nada-

-The Beatles-

-Disney classics– Part of your World(this one is a given), A whole New World-

-Frank Sinatra-

-Bob Dylan-

-Third Eye Blind-

-The Eagles-

-Marc Cohen– Walking in Memphis-

-Dance Hall songs– Dutty Wine, Bruck it Down, Hold You…-

-Bob Marley-

-Juanes– My all time favorite so everything he does makes me happy-

-Norah Jones-

-Classic Salsa– Joe Arroyo, Oscar D’Leon, Orquesta Guayacan-


-Led Zeppelin-

MUSIC, and Partying in Florence

MUSIC, and Partying in Florence

I always build from this list of my favorite songs, artists or genres, but I must have these at a minimum to survive.

What is on your travel playlist? Open my eyes to some new cool music for my next trip by telling me below…


  1. Well, JustMe, I probably won’t open your eyes, they seem to be quite wide open, …but, here is mine;

    Van (The Man, The Belfast Cowboy) Morrison, especially, “Day’s Like This” and Enlightenment” (Live versions)
    Jackson Browne, “The Pretender” Live with Crosby, Stills, Nash
    Rolling Stones; Beggars Banquet (that’s the one that starts with Sympathy for the Devil and gets better and better)
    Yes Marc Cohn but for me…Silver Thunderbird
    Dylan, O I cant choose, but, Saw a Shooting Star, Not Dark Yet, Desolation Row Tangled Up in Blue, Shelter From the Storm, Dignity, Ok i’ll stop, Oh but Knockin on Heaven’s Door, All Along the Watchtower.
    One of the best nights of my life…going to a Dylan concert with my daughter in a small auditorium, we were almost on top of him (and still couldn’t understand what he was singing). But daddy my daughter said, IT’S DYLAN. That’s me girl.
    Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah by him, Jeff Buckley, or the Norwegian all stars. Ok Rufus Wainwright too.
    The Band, When I Paint My Masterpiece (Dylan cover)

    I will pause here but I think I dated myself as a auldfella.

    Ah stupid me, The Beatles without whom the above would have read; Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Who Wears Short Shorts, Flying Purple People Eater, Monster Mash

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